23 Ways to Achieve Sure Success

In the early hours of November 20, 2017, I put pen to paper and wrote the outline for a book. I didn’t try to write it; it came out of me. The title of the book – “23 Ways to Achieve Sure Success”.

I have an affinity towards the number 23, as I was born on March 23rd. Ever since high school days, when I started reading books, especially of the self-help genre, I wanted to write a book titled “Sure Success”. Hence the title.

Even after conception of the outline for the book, I didn’t put any effort in writing it, because I had a lot on my plate. But in 2019, I thought to myself that I would research and write the book and publish it on March 23, 2020! How wrong was I!

A good book takes a lot of work. A great book takes a lot of research. A book that sells need a lot of credibility! Since I lack in all three, as of now, I won’t be publishing the book coming March 23. I plan to release “Concise Edition: 23 Ways to Achieve Sure Success”, though. Because, while I know the Ways I have conceived of are sound, I would not have much credibility to back them up at this point of time. So, I will release the concise edition this year, and after applying the principles from the book in my own life and achieved the promised Sure Success myself, I would then release the full edition in the future. I am planning like in 2029, if you can wait for that long!

So, why am I blabbering about this now? Valid question. Even though I just have the outline for the book, I have shared these ‘Ways’ with some friends and even taught them to few of my students (instead of teaching Chess, I know). As I believe in the validity of these ‘Ways’, I didn’t want to wait until the release of the concise edition to share them with you! Who knows, maybe you will pick up a way or two from this and achieve something in the coming days and weeks.

So, without further ado, here are the ‘Ways’ from ‘A’ to ‘Z’.

23 Ways to Achieve Sure Success

Way 1. Action – You need to do the action. Do what has to be done.

Way 2. Break – Have sufficient breaks. Rest, recover.

Way 3. Cause – Find the cause of your problems. Treat the root cause.

Way 4. Diet – Follow a healthy diet. Try Chess Diet.

Way 5. Exercise – Work out 23 minutes a day. Walk 23 minutes a day.

Way 6. Fast – Fast 12 hours every day. Fast 23 hours, 2 days a month.

Way 7. Game – Play some games every day. Brain Training games.

Way 8. Hide – Conceal your plans, goals. Hide your secrets.

Way 9. Ink – Write your plans and goals. Write every day.

Way 10. Just – Be just in your actions. Be just in your decisions.

Way 11. Knack – Find your knack. Pursue your knack.

Way 12. Learn – Be constantly learning. Relearn by teaching.

Way 13. Mind – Learn to control your Mind. Program your Mind.

Way 14. Novelty – Insert novelty in your life. Find new ways.

Way 15. Obsession – Find a passion to be obsessive. Obsess over right action.

Way 16. Positive – Be positive. Think You Can.

Way 17. Question – Question every assumption. Question every successful person, then learn.

Way 18. Read – Read a book a week. Read inspiring words every day.

Way 19. Small – Start small. Make small changes.

Way 20. Trick – Trick yourself into right action. Trick others into your thinking/way.

Way 21. Understand – Stand under Experts. Understand the way things work.

Way 22. Vice – Manage your vices. Eliminate your vices.

Way 23. Waste – Identify the resources you are wasting. Avoid wasting valuable resources.

Way 24. Xperience – Learn from experiences. Search for experiences.

Way 25. Y (Why) – Find your Why. Remember your Why.

Way 26. Zero – Always be Zero. Add Value.

(The ‘Ways’ 24, 25 and 26 are overarching ‘Ways’.)

As you can see, those are a lot. But they are not steps, to be taken one by one, just ‘Ways’. Each way by itself has a value. You can add a few of the ‘Ways’ into your life and can achieve more Success, if not Sure Success.

Comment below which ‘Way’ you will incorporate into your Life right now!

Wishing you Sure Success,

Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!

5 thoughts on “23 Ways to Achieve Sure Success”

  1. எல்லாமே நல்லா இருக்கு. But A B C…. வச்சி எழுதனும்னு நினைக்கிறதே childish ஆ இருக்கோன்னு எனக்கு தோணுது. படிக்கிறவங்க concentration ம் அதுல தான் இருக்கும் என்னை மாதிரி ஆள்களுக்கு…

  2. I first thank to god, for making you to think like this. These words would help everyone. Instead of calling these as ways, it’s good to call them as secrets. As you told, everything has a value. I would add these things too.
    1) Wake up early. So, you can get a lot of time and can plan your day better and also early morning walking is good for health as ozone is nearby the ground.
    2) Reading newspaper and watching the news is good, to know, how the world is changing everyday and whats happening around the world, atleast nearby our locality.
    3) Plan your work with minutes ( with seconds if possible). Don’t waste time. Even, milliseconds matter for a chess player.
    4) See motivational movies and read motivational books when you feels you are down. My personal suggestion “The Shashank Redemption” movie and “The Alchemist” book.
    and the list goes on…


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