Travel. We need to move from one place to another. For whatever reason. Frequently. Though we look forward to the destination, we need to learn to enjoy the journey. Be the being in the becoming. Enjoy the process.


Age. It is just a number. Not only when it is greater than a numerical value, but also whatever its value is. But, it is a qualifying number, no less. Of course it is not the only or the most important qualifying variable in a set of variables. But it does have a value to …

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Routine keeps us going. But they also keep us trapped within the system of things. Yes, a plan is necessary, but so is a little leeway. Strict adherence to anything is not really healthy or interesting in the long run. Direction need not change, but we can alter our speed, in our success journey. It …

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Illness. We all have to endure some kind of illness, at sometime. It is inevitable. The world is too complicated a place to hope to be immune against unknown, invisible enemies. But, once we are infected, we struggle and fight back, thanks to our all-intelligent immune system, and after a period of enduring, we come …

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Imagination. We dream up things. We envision stuff. We see what we want before they are real, in the mind’s eye. Without the power to imagine, we would be locked inside the prison of our surroundings, guarded by our habits. But with imagination, we get what we want and evolve.


We learn from every little thing. No matter how trivial or irrelevant the stuff seems to be. We learn by doing something wrong; we learn by doing it right the next time; we learn by learning from others. Maybe we are stuck in our ways, right now. The big picture is not clear yet, but …

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Little wins. We can never win the big one right away. No one can. We must go through the little wins. They don’t matter much on the large scheme of things, but they do. Very much. Enjoy them or forever remain in the shadow of the Big Mountain.


Time. We think it is in abundance. It is really not. Every second, every minute passes by, is forever lost to the past. Long gone. Never to be relived as the present ever again. If only we were aware of this obvious fact, every moment..


The past had been good. The present, a little better. The future, hopefully, best. That’s one way to strive for. Bettering yourself, day by day, so that eventually the future would turn up as we have always hoped: perfect. There’s another way to live. The past is irrelevant. The present is all important. The future …

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It’s challenging. To say the least. To dive through life, day after day, working through the motions, seldom enjoying what we do. But we can alter that. May be we can shift our mindset, or the work we do. Or we change the level of commitment we have towards our work. Whatever be the case, …

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