What’s cool about your mind is, it can work miracles, even when you are not sure you can do a thing at all. What I mean is, the power of our subconscious mind is still to be uncovered to it’s fullest extent, but what we can identify by our own experiences in our moments on flow, is that we can do more than we can think we can. But nonetheless, we can’t create a great work without any small amount of belief beforehand, but we can expand our expected result range when we stumble into the flow zone, intentionally or otherwise.

The brain is hardwired to work on cues/triggers and knowing the basics of how the mind works and in knowing the environment that is ideal to achieve an ultimate performance state is vital to reach that peak of performance whenever at will.

It is definitely true that knowledge is power, but knowledge applied properly is more than power. It is cool.

Be cool.

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