How to become a Chess Athlete?

In the beginning of 2019, I decided to incorporate into my life- New Year Resolutions. Well, actually New Day Resolutions. What are they, you wonder? It is a new resolution, an action I pledge to take, every day, and the list would keep on expanding. So, if I had followed it through a whole year, say, at the end of the year I would be following 365 new resolutions.

That was the plan anyway.

As the number of resolutions started to build up, I had trouble keeping up with them, obviously. But nothing significant can be achieved easily, right?

The resolutions were not earth-shattering, as you can imagine. Adding one more difficult thing to do every day would be an impossible task. So, each of the resolutions is pretty simple.

Once I reached day 130, I decided to stop this madness. Already I was not following many(or any) of the previous days’ resolutions. But what I have built is an action-plan, a mission, if one choose to accept it, to transform themselves into something else. That something else is to become a Chess Athlete.

I will list the 130 resolutions I have designed, and my promise is that, if you were to follow them all or at least many of them, every single day, you will be transformed beyond your wildest imagination. It won’t be easy, but it is a simple way!

  1. Start the day with 30 Push-Ups.
  2. Drink 500mL of water soon after waking up.
  3. Watch an informative video on social media.
  4. Hand wash a clothing.
  5. Hear a favoutire song.
  6. Read a book.
  7. No Breakfast, except Bulletproof Coffee.
  8. Adapt.
  9. Take Supplements.
  10. Take a Selfie.
  11. Take Cold Shower.
  12. No Carbs, except post-workout.
  13. Forgive yourself.
  14. Watch an episode of a TV series.
  15. Be Grateful.
  16. Write a Quote.
  17. Post on Instagram/Facebook.
  18. Do 40 Squats.
  19. Train Biceps/Triceps on alternate days.
  20. Try something new.
  21. Sleep by 11pm.
  22. Play a Blitz Game online.
  23. Hear a podcast.
  24. Send a Friend Request.
  25. Take the stairs.
  26. Walk.
  27. Eat Animal Protein.
  28. Cook.
  29. Do 25 Mugdar Twists.
  30. Do 6 Pull-Ups.
  31. Do Deadlifts.
  32. Use Brain Training Apps.
  33. Connect with a Friend.
  34. Teach.
  35. Organize.
  36. Laugh.
  37. Run.
  38. Lead.
  39. Learn from mistakes made.
  40. Change.
  41. Explore.
  42. Take Photos.
  43. Plan.
  44. Ride a Bicycle.
  45. Play with Kids.
  46. Listen to a Motivational/Inspirational/Philosophical song.
  47. Learn.
  48. Travel.
  49. Conserve Energy.
  50. Help.
  51. Meet New People.
  52. Shop,
  53. Connect with Nature.
  54. Choose Happiness.
  55. Watch a Sport.
  56. Nap.
  57. Rest.
  58. Simplify.
  59. Re-watch a Favourite movie.
  60. Binge.
  61. Decide.
  62. Watch a Documentary.
  63. Collect Data.
  64. Install a new App.
  65. Play a Video Game.
  66. Search.
  67. Meditate.
  68. Create Content.
  69. Wear Blue-Blocking Glasses at Night.
  70. Think Long-term.
  71. Invest in Yourself.
  72. Declutter.
  73. Listen to a new song.
  74. Cry.
  75. Download.
  76. Ask for a favour.
  77. Mentor.
  78. Take Notes.
  79. Be Interested.
  80. Network.
  81. Navigate.
  82. Celebrate.
  83. Analyse.
  84. Wander.
  85. Buy.
  86. Lose.
  87. Make a Bet.
  88. Chat.
  89. Take a Video.
  90. Fast.
  91. Promote.
  92. Inspire.
  93. Innovate.
  94. Show Vulnerability.
  95. Eat Almonds. (Soaked and skin peeled.)
  96. Be on Time.
  97. Eat a Cruciferous Vegetable.
  98. Dishwash.
  99. Wear 2 T-Shirts in a day.
  100. Pack.
  101. Dance.
  102. Consume Glutamine.
  103. Do an Isometric Exercise.
  104. Share.
  105. Consume BCAAs.
  106. Sing.
  107. Recharge.
  108. Hire.
  109. Follow.
  110. Win.
  111. Converse.
  112. Cancel.
  113. Engage the Default Mode Network.
  114. Reread.
  115. Add Spices.
  116. Do some Ab workout.
  117. Drink Fresh Juice.
  118. Put mobile on Aeroplane mode while sleeping.
  119. Share a Memory.
  120. Sacrifice.
  121. Withdraw.
  122. Uninstall.
  123. Consume Whey Protein.
  124. Rearrange.
  125. Repair.
  126. Take Stock.
  127. Subscribe.
  128. Take a Chance.
  129. Unfollow.
  130. Root for Someone.

As you can see, some of those resolutions are tailor made for me. Some are outright stupid, some appear to be reappearing, that is overlapping a bit, and some may not even make sense to you.

I am planning to write an E-book detailing the reasoning behind each of the resolutions and why you should do it, or at least modify it a bit, and attempt it.

One of the important resolutions is “Adapt”. Which means you have to adapt to the particular place, time and situation you are in, which invariably means you can not do it all, every day. But the more you can fit into a day, the better it will be, in my opinion.

I am more of a expert on Ideation, than on Execution. So, as you can imagine, I haven’t adhered to those resolutions very closely(or loosely). But if you were to attempt this challenge, with my guidance or without, for a reasonably long period of time, you would be on the way of becoming a Chess Athlete.

You might wonder, where is the Chess part?

I’m of the belief that, while it is very important to prepare Chess, it is more important to be a full-fledged, well-rounded human being, and that will in turn help Good Chess come through you. Being(or becoming) a Chess Athlete means you are doing everything towards improving yourself, as a person first, and when combined with sufficient Chess skill development, you would become the best possible version of yourself. That is the goal, isn’t it?

Also, I can somehow argue that each of the resolutions has a direct influence on your chess strength, but for that you need to buy my book “How to become a Chess Athlete” when(or if) it comes out.

And, if you are not a Chess Player, you can still follow these, and it will improve you in your field of interest for sure, as there’s nothing directly related to Chess in these resolutions. Agree?

Stay Alstoned,

Randy Alstone!

4 thoughts on “How to become a Chess Athlete?”

  1. vignesh arunachalam

    Great overall content…
    Few complex things are over-simplified ….few simple things are magnified to detail..

    Prepare yourself for an exciting marriage life too…as you know presenting your life to another person is an extreme act of joy..

  2. Balaji Harikrishnan

    I agree..
    I can’t even imagine how you made these resolutions..
    I will try to follow as much as possible..
    – BJ

  3. Its look different from others, but it will help to strong the mind and body. We will follow the legend and will become chess athlete.

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