The past had been good. The present, a little better. The future, hopefully, best.

That’s one way to strive for. Bettering yourself, day by day, so that eventually the future would turn up as we have always hoped: perfect.

There’s another way to live.

The past is irrelevant. The present is all important. The future is imaginary.

In this paradigm, the past is irrelevant in the sense that it can’t accurately predict the present. You have the final say in it, by the process of conducting it in proper manner. Also, you can’t live in the past, and the only real thing is now/present-moment, so obviously the present is all important.

The future is imaginary, because it is yet to arrive and however best we wish it to be or however hard we are striving towards a better/best version of it, it is not entirely in our hands. The situations and circumstances and the factor of chance/luck will dictate a certain probability to the possibilities unfolding, which are often unpredictable, even inexplicable.

So, forget the past. Stop imagining the future.

Live in the now/present moment.


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