Bottom Up Workout

This is a simple workout that I follow, also recommend you to, after being inactive for few weeks without exercising. This workout is simple enough to do, so that it won’t be over-training; coming off of inactivity; but basic enough to get you on track, back into full form. Training Split   Day 1: Chest, …

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Full Body Workout Routine

When I am not trying to gain much muscle, doing my Split Routine ( Five Day Workout Split), and just want to trim down effectively, I do a Full Body Workout.   Here is the routine that I follow: Chest: Dumbbell Flyes (4 sets)Back: Dumbbell Rows (4 sets)Quads: Hack-Squats (4 sets)Shoulders: Barbell Presses (3 sets)Biceps: Concentration …

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Five Day Workout Split

Five Day Workout Split Routine   Day 1- Biceps, Triceps, Forearms. Day 2- Quads, Calves. Day 3- Chest, Abs. Day 4- Rest. Day 5- Shoulders, Traps. Day 6- Back, Lower-back. Day 7-Rest.     Day 1   Biceps: Barbell Curls(3), Dumbbell Curls(3), Concentration Curls(2).   Triceps: Dumbbell Extensions(3), Lying Dumbbell Extensions(3), Dumbbell Kickbacks(2).   Forearms: …

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