The Guy who wants a Ferrari

Nope. This post has nothing to do with Robin Sharma or his famous book “The Monk who sold His Ferrari”.

This post is about me, obviously.

We bought a new car recently. Well, not a new one. It’s an used car. So, we bought an old car recently and my Dad drives it around at times, as he has learned car driving recently by joining a driving school. Ever since this incident, many people, ranging from relatives to almost strangers, urging me to start (learning to) driving too.

Car driving is a necessary skill in this world, I would agree. Although there may be an ounce of fear in me, regarding driving, that is not the reason for my hesitation in learning to drive. I just have some other line of thought in my mind.

It’s nothing big. I want to drive a Ferrari as my first car. Till that I want to remain car-virgin. Nothing wrong with that, I hope?!

Let’s see how long this promise/dream holds.


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